Tokyo International Actuary Academy

Comprehensive education and training of actuaries with an international outlook.

We are currently offering exam preparation courses for all subjects of the qualification exam (Exam 1) of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan and  Exam Probability of the Society of Actuaries (SOA). For details, please refer to the contents below.

Details for IAJ Exam Preparation

Details for SOA Exam Preparation

Philosophy and Mission

Bio of Mr. Naruo Kusuoka – Honorary Consultant

We are also accepting applications for practical internships for students interested in exam preparation and finding employment after acquiring useful experience with the company.  Although space is limited, please do not hesitate to contact us via email for requests or inquiries.

About the Actuary Qualification Exams

In addition to working at both life and property insurance companies, actuaries are “mathematical professionals” who are active in various fields such as banking, government agencies, consulting companies, auditing firms, and others.  In order to become qualified as an actuary, one must pass the actuary examination held in December and become a Fellow of The Institute of Actuaries.

The qualification examination is composed of the primary examination (basic subjects) and the secondary examination (advanced subjects).  The purpose of the primary examination is to judge whether or not an applicant has sufficient knowledge to take the secondary examination.  It has a very high degree of difficulty, and causes frustration for many people.  Consequentially, there are not enough educational institutions providing adequate support for exam preparation.  To that end, we have instituted preparation courses for the primary actuarial exam for those aiming to become actuaries, as well as for those who wish to acquire actuarial knowledge and skills to upgrade their career.  We want for more and more exceptional Japanese actuaries to advance their careers and become active in a wide range of domestic and international fields.  That is our hope.

Also, for those wanting to become active in the international field, we recommend acquiring qualifications from the American Society of Actuaries (SOA).  For basic information on the SOA certification exams, please click here.


About Course Offerings of the Tokyo International Actuary Academy

For all subjects of the primary exam, we impart enough fundamental skills to solve past questions through lectures on textbook content and problem exercises.  Because our lecturers are also engaged in actuary work outside of the Academy, one can advance one’s education while expanding their understanding of how real actuaries are used in practice.

In addition to ordinary lectures, special lectures will also be held by visiting experts in various fields related to actuary work.  Information will be provided as details are finalized.

Course Offerings

■Beginner Course Offerings (IAJ)

Lecture period:  Lectures will be held on Saturdays and Sundays  from May to June.  (The schedule is different for each subject.  Please refer to the links below.)

・Mathematics         Lecturer: Toru Soeda(1 other)  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]
・Pension Mathematics & Non-Life Ins.Mathematics  
                                      Lecturer: Toru Soeda [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]
・Investment Theory      Lecturer: Taiichiro Aoyagi  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]


■Regular Course Offerings (IAJ)

Lecture period:  Lectures will be held on Sundays from July to November.  (The schedule is different for each subject.  Please refer to the links below.)

・Life Insurance Mathematics       Lecturer: Tsuneto Yamauchi, Nobuyuki Nishibayashi  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]
・Non-Life Ins. Mathematics       Lecturer: Masanori Honda   [Course DetailsLecturer Bio]
・Mathematics                       Lecturer: Toru Soeda(1 other)  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]
・Pension Mathematics                Lecturer: Ryo Matsubara, Toru Soeda [Course DetailsLecturer Bio]
・Accounting                           Lecturer: Hideaki Kubota  [Course DetailsLecturer Bio]
・Economics                          Lecturer: Hiroyuki Takemura  [Course DetailsLecturer Bio]
・Investment Theory                    Lecturer: Taiichiro Aoyagi  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]

■Regular Course Offerings (SOA)

Now, You can sign up for the course from the application form
・Probability      Lecturer: Brian James Hirakawa  [Course Details・Lecturer Bio]


※For each subject, the capacity is 20 people.
※On occasion and depending on lecturer circumstances, changes may need to be made to the schedule.  If this should occur, we will inform students in advance.

■ Special seminars

We invite professors from various disciplines, such as honorary consultant Naruo Kusuoka and special lecturer Hirokazu Iwasawa, and we additionally plan to offer special seminars on the latest topics on an ongoing basis.  Information will be provided as details are finalized.

Bio of special lecturer Hirokazu Iwasawa


Tuition fee

※You may enroll in classes that are already underway.  The tuition fee will be pro-rata proportional to the number of 2-hour units remaining (6,480 yen per unit in general, 3,240 yen for students).  We will provide supporting materials from the 1st lecture on, and await your application.

Please keep in mind that the tuition fee for each course may differ because the total hours are different for each subject.  Each unit is a two-hour lecture.  Students attend at half price.       

(All prices include tax)

■Beginner Course Offerings (IAJ)

・Mathematics            8 Units   51,840 yen (Students: 25920 yen)  
・Pension Mathematics & Non-Life Ins.Mathematics     
                                    6 Units   38,880 yen (Students: 19,440 yen) 
・Investment Theory    5 Units   32,440 yen (Students: 16,220 yen)

■Regular Course Offerings (IAJ)

 ・Life Insurance Mathematics         20 Units       129,600 yen (Students: 64,800 yen)  
 ・Non-Life Ins. Mathematics          18 Units       116,640 yen (Students: 58,320 yen)  
  ・Mathematics                           16 Units       103,680 yen (Students: 51,840 yen) 
 ・Pension Mathematics                   18 Units       116,640 yen (Students: 58,320 yen)  
 ・Accounting                              8 Units       51,840 yen (Students: 25,920 yen)  
 ・Economics                               8 Units       51,840 yen (Students: 25,920 yen)
 ・Investment Theory                      13 Units       84,240 yen (Students: 42,120 yen)

■Regular Course Offerings (SOA)

SOA exam preparation  7.5units  48,900yen  (students:24,450yen)

Those who fall under any of the following conditions will receive 15% discount on tuition.

· Repeaters: Those who took a course last year.
· Corporate (2 or more): 2 or more people attending from the same corporation.
· Multiple subject exam preparation: Those taking two or more courses.

 For those fulfilling the conditions, please indicate to that effect in the remarks column at the time of application.
Combining multiple discounts is not possible.
For students, the general fee is half price, so they are not eligible for discount above.
For the multiple subject discount, a beginner courses and regular course together will be counted.

It is permissible to enroll in classes that are already in progress. 
In this instance, please choose from the following two options:

1. Pay the total fee in full and receive a video covering the contents of all lectures up to that point.
2. Pay the tuition fee for only the remaining units (6,480 yen for each two-hour unit, 3,240 yen for students).  In this case, we cannot offer video recordings of the classes missed.

In order to fully understand the lectures still to come, it is best to master content already covered to date.  As such, we highly recommend Option 1.  In any case, we will provide all other supporting materials and documents given out since the first lecture, and we look forward to your application.

As there is limited space available, we recommend you apply as soon as possible and begin preparations early.  Applications are considered complete once we have received payment of tuition and an enrollment slip has been issued.


About Internships

The actuary occupation has been chosen as the number 1 job in the 2010 US Jobs Ranking Survey (The 10 Best Jobs of 2010), and its popularity and awareness are increasing not only overseas but also in Japan.  In addition, the CERA Examination, a new risk management qualification for actuaries, was introduced worldwide in 2009 – and the range of operations that an actuary can challenge will continue to expand in the future.  Because of this, students not only in the sciences, but also recently in the arts and literature, have begun challenging themselves with the actuary qualification examinations. 
At Yoshida & Company, as a matter of practical training, we form teams to work on challenges and tasks faced in the real world.  Since the practical training is performed online, it is possible to participate even from a distance.  If you are interested in learning more – student or employed person – please feel free to contact us below.


For class lectures or practical internships, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Phone:  080-4339-4650


・Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia(ACCA)
Founded by Hideyuki Yoshida, who is currently serving as chairman.
Valuable information is posted on those who aim for future consulting actuaries.

Members of the Japan Actuarial Association may apply for membership.