Privacy policy

Yoshida & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes that the protection of personal information of customers is a very important issue in conducting the business of actuarial consulting and education; and, in order to safely and meticulously handle personal information, we have established, operated, and maintained our own personal information protection management system.

Our company will establish the following personal information protection policy, disseminate it to all officers and employees, and keep this policy in mind while doing everything possible to protect personal information.

Our company will handle personal information in accordance with the following basic policy.

Our company will clearly specify the purpose of the use of personal information, clearly stipulate it to everyone providing such information, and we will acquire only that which is necessary to achieve its purpose.

In addition, our company will implement personal information protection education for all employees in order to thoroughly ensure that information will be used only for the purpose specified at the time of acquisition.

Our company will comply with all laws, guidelines, ordinances, JIS Q 15001, and other norms established by countries related to Japanese laws and ordinances related to personal information protection and the business domain.

Our company will fully recognize and analyze the risks concerning personal information to be handled, and prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information.  In addition, we will establish and maintain a system to take prompt corrective actions when we sense the risk of occurrence of these situations.

Regarding opinions and complaints of anyone who provides personal information, our company will establish and operate a system to promptly respond to complaints and consultation points on our website.

Regarding the personal information protection management system that we formulate based on this policy, our company will sufficiently consider and acknowledge issues such as network technology trends, social conditions related to personal information protection, opinions of those receiving personal information, complaints etc., and we will continue to improve our standards.

This policy also applies to protection of all personal information handled by our company related to our company’s business etc., such as personal information of our employees and recruit applicants.

Date of enactment August 4, 2015

Yoshida & Co., Ltd. CEO Hideyuki Yoshida

Regarding the release or disclosure of our personal information protection policy to the general public

Our company will make this policy thoroughly known to all employees of our company (including officers), and make it available to the general public by publicizing and announcing it on our website.

Reporting of complaints concerning handling of personal information of our company

For inquiries about complaints, disclosure requests, correction / deletion, opt-out etc. regarding the handling of personal information, please contact our company at the phone number number below.

Yoshida & Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager, Yoshida Hideyuki

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