Getting Started (Beginner Lectures)

“I am thinking about becoming an actuary, but I do not know where to begin.”
“I want to reinforce my foundations before beginning the course.”
“I want to learn information that is useful not just for actuary tests”

 In response to these statements, the Tokyo International Actuary Academy we will now offer courses for beginners.  From late April through June, you can learn the basic skills necessary to prepare you for actuary exams.

By all means, please consider taking these beginner courses in conjunction with the main series of courses beginning in July.

* We are also selling 2018 video lectures for those who are considering early learning towards the actuary examinations in 2019.  If you are interested, please send us the name and number of courses to the following e-mail address.

Course Schedule (Beginner Lectures)

Lecture period: To be held on Sundays from late April to June of 2018.
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(Schedules are different for each subject. Please view each schedule through the links below.)




 Regarding Location and Access, click here.

Beginner Course Offerings (IAJ)

・Mathematics------10 Units   64,800 yen (Students: 32,400 yen) 
・Life insurance------10 Units   64,800 yen (Students: 32,400 yen) 
・Pension Mathematicsーー–10 Units   64,800 yen (Students: 32,400 yen) 
Financial institution essentials in the age of A.I.: “Easy Investment Mathematics”
ーーーーーーーーーーーー10 Units   64,800 yen (Students: 32,400 yen)



Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Phone:  080-4339-4650