About Our Consulting Department

At Yoshida & Co., actuaries with a wealth of business experience and broad insight into domestic and overseas insurance companies provide a variety of management and operation consulting services in both life insurance and property/casualty insurance.  Additionally, in cooperation with affiliated consulting firms, we can provide high quality localized services not only in Japan but overseas as well.



Our ability to tap into the GLOBACS network of consulting firms provides an exclusive opportunity to provide unique insights at the local level for insurance markets around the world.  Our partner firm consultants have significant experience in their field of work and can assist in tasks such as acquiring industry data, conducting peer review of financial reporting, complying with local regulations, or even technical training and support – among other things.


GLOBACS (Global Actuarial & Consulting Services) is an international actuarial and consulting brand joining together long-established networks, EURACS (European Actuarial & Consulting Services) and NORACS (North American Actuarial & Consulting Services), with APACS (Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services).  GLOBACS represents one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world.

Yoshida & Co., as a founding member of APACS, is pleased to be able to offer an active coordination between one or many of our network firms to suit your needs
.For further details on APACS, please access their website using the link provided below.


Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services (APACS) is Asia Pacific’s fastest growing network of independent actuarial and pensions’ consultancy firms.  APACS was formed in November 2015 at the same time that GLOBACS was initiated.  The network offers services to clients in the Asia Pacific region and globally through its association with EURACS and NORACS under the umbrella of GLOBACS, Global Actuarial & Consultancy Services.

Therefore, our company is honored to also enjoy a connection with the following organizations.


European Actuarial & Consulting Services (EURACS) is Europe’s oldest and largest network of leading independent actuarial and pensions consultancy firms.  The network offers services to clients through more than 1,000 qualified actuaries, consultants and other business professionals across Europe and in Africa. EURACS was formed in 1982, and grew quickly to become a network of major actuarial consulting firms operating throughout Europe.


North American Actuarial & Consulting Services (NORACS) is an association of independent consulting firms offering actuarial, employee benefit and compensation services. The clients of NORACS firms receive the personal attention and service provided by regionally-based firms.

Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia (ACCA)

The International Association of Consulting Actuaries, (IACA)

Main Services Provided

Insurance Related Consulting Services

1. Product Development (Including the building of new channels)
  Actuarial consulting in new product development
  Study and creation of base rate assumptions.
  Setting and verification of insurance rates
  Profitability verification (by product and by channel)
  Creation/Support of calculations and agency submission of insurance premiums and liability reserves
  Accompany negotiations with local agencies
  Explanations to shareholders

2. Financial Results and Financial Reporting
  Creation and support of financial statements in various accounting standards (JGAAP, USGAAP, IFRS)
  Creation and actuarial support of business verification and written statements
  EV calculations (TEV, EEV, MCEV)
  Assurance peer review business

3. Investment Risk and Risk Management Framework Building
  Suggestions and advice for various ALM approaches
  ERM introduction correspondence
  Solvency II introduction correspondence
  Economic capital calculation

4.  Mergers and Acquisitions
  Mergers and acquisitions mathematical due diligence
  Mergers and acquisitions appraisal value calculations

5. Insurance Actuary Work for Small or Short-Term Insurers
  Agency services for small or short-term insurers

6. Asian Market Entry Support
In cooperation with local actuarial consulting companies, support entry into insurance markets of developing Asian countries

Retirement Benefit Related Consulting Services

 1. Evaluation of Pension Benefit Obligations (PBO)
Evaluation and reporting of Pension Benefit Obligations in accordance with Japanese standards
Evaluation and reporting of Pension Benefit Obligations in accordance with International standards
Evaluation and reporting of Pension Benefit Obligations in accordance with USGAAP standards
Pension Benefit Obligation future predictions

2. Retirement Plans Related to Mergers and Acquisitions
Pension benefit plan due diligence
Organizational design consulting in post M&A integration plan

3. Consulting Services Related to Retirement Benefit Plans at the Time of Asian Market or Japanese Market Entry
  In cooperation with management consulting firms, introduce retirement benefit plan support




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