Course name

Casualty Insurance Mathematics

About the Instructor

Masanori Honda

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan (FIAJ)

Joined Sumitomo Marine in 1973

Later, Mr. Honda did actuarial work, insurance system development, and consulting work at CitiBank N.A, Orico Life, and Nomura Research Institute. He is currently a director and part-time auditor of insurance affiliates.

Certified as an NRI business analyst in 2002

Part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, Shinshu University, Nihon University Graduate School, and Tokyo University of Information Sciences.

Lecture Schedule

There will be 2 units a day for 9 days.  The schedule of each day is as follows:

Day 1: Basic probability/statistics (including Bayesian statistics), basic knowledge of casualty insurance premium rates
Day 2: Analysis of claims
Day 3: Loss reserves
Day 4: Experience rating, Class Rating
Day 5: Funded insurance, principles of insurance premium calculation
Day 6: Basics of risk theory
Day 7: Reinsurance
Day 8: Mathematics of risk assessment
Day 9: General exercises

Note that this curriculum is provisional.  Depending on students’ needs, there may be some changes after the course begins.
Lectures will be based on the following textbooks – please prepare accordingly.

· Institute of Actuaries of Japan “Loss Insurance Mathematics (Japan Actuary Designated Textbook)
· Masakazu Kogure, Jun Tokage “Casualty Insurance Mathematics – Learning with Examples, Second Edition” Kyoritsu Publishing

If you cannot attend class at any time, we are able to provide a video recording of the lecture or lectures missed for those who have paid full tuition at the time of application.  Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this service.



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