Special seminar

 At the Tokyo International Academy Academy, we invite lecturers from August to October to hold special seminars.  It is a valuable opportunity to talk about recent topics in the insurance industry from instructors who are active on the front lines.  Information about once such upcoming seminar is provided below.

IFRS – 17 “Insurance Contracts” outline and main points

【Date and Time】Aug 28(Mon)13:30 – 16:30
【Location】FBC Forum     
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【Lecturer】Taishiro Takeda
【Fee】16,200 yen (tax included)

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Document price 4,320 yen (tax included)
Sale period August 28, 2017 – August 28, 2019 (two years)

Summary of Seminar
In May 2017, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) announced the final standard IFRS 17 “Insurance Contracts” that had been under discussion for a lengthy time. This project focused on the economic activity of “insurance,” and was aimed at improving comparability and the quality of information based on the special and complex nature of “insurance.”  Approximately four years from the IASB’s re-exposure draft, announced in June 2013, it took a total of nearly 20 years of consideration from its initial examination to final inclusion.  Although institutionalization of accounting standards for insurance contracts is expected to provide useful information to stakeholders both inside and outside the company, the implementation of such accounting standards will be affected by infrastructure development such as data and systems,  It is expected that its impact will be widespread.

In this seminar, we will outline the main points of IFRS 17 “Insurance Contracts” from both accounting and mathematical viewpoints.

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Regarding M&A investment opportunities of a takaful insurance company in Malaysia

Date and time September 11 (Mon)
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The future outlook of the insurance industry by Mr. Haruaki Deguchi, founder of Lifenet Insurance

Date and time October 17 (Tue) 14: 00-17: 00
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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management

【Date and Time】November 12(Mon)18:00
【Location】 Arcadia Ichigaya   
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Mahidhara is currently the Founder and Managing Director of Pramartha – an Actuarial Risk Management and Consulting He focuses on the wider applications of Actuarial Science like Data Science, Analytics Finance and Investment. He has been advising Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors on exit planning using various actuarial risk modeling techniques. He has been a Member of Big Data Working Group, since International Actuarial Association (IAA). Chair for their Global Strategy Committee on Wider Areas, Finance and Investment Board, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), Secretary of Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia (ACCA)

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Power point 5,000yen (tax included)
Video             15,000yen(tax included)
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Summary of Seminar
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are impacting every business. Actuaries are the earliest known DATA SCIENTISTS who have been adding value to the insurance and pension industry. This seminar throws light on some real-life case studies using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with specific references to Risk Management. The new age technologies are but mere tools, but coupled with Actuarial Principles, they can be invaluable for businesses. The mechanism of integrating actuarial knowledge into wide range of sectors through artificial intelligence, deep learning and other new age technologies can be explored. The unconventional applications throw light on how the future looks like for actuaries and the learnings can be implemented in any sector from Astrophysics, Bio-Sciences, Climate Change and also Financial services like Banking and Insurance. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore new international business opportunities our expert who coined the word“BUSINESS SCIENTIST’’ for Actuaries.