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FMFinancial Mathematics Exam U.S. Society of Actuaries · Primary Exam)

* SOA courses has already finished, but video lectures are available.

About instructor


Heng GUO

04/2018- Major in Quantitative Finance, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo, Japan Master
 Major Courses: Advanced Derivatives, Quantitative Finance, Financial Programming, etc.

09/2017-10/2017 School of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University, Japan
Research Student

09/2013-06/2017 Major in Finance and Math, Finance School of Renmin University, China    Bachelor
Major Courses: Mathematics Analysis, Algebra, Financial Economics, Derivatives, Econometrics, etc.

Course Timing

To match the contents of the SOA exam, we will hold lectures on the following schedule.
6/16 (Sat)   16:30~18:30
6/23 (Sat)   16:30~18:30
6/30 (Sat)   13:30~17:30
7/  7 (Sat)   13:30~17:30
7/14 (Sat)   13:30~17:30
7/21 (Sat)   13:30~17:30
7/28 (Sat)   13:30~17:30
Details about the SOA exam can be found here

※ This course is handled by a bilingual instructor.  The lecture will be presented to students in Japanese.  If a foreign student is attending, explanations will also be given in English.

 ※ You may enroll in classes that are already underway.  Tuition will be prorated to incorporate all remaining classes.

Lecture Schedule

a) Time value of money
b) Annuities
c) Loans
d) Claims
e) General cash flow and portfolios
f) Immunization (a method of offsetting the risk of interest rate fluctuation and securing a certain interest rate yield)
g) Interest rate swaps
h) Decision factors of interest rates

 Please see the syllabus for details.



Course materials

We will proceed throughout the SOA course with the following materials:

Marcel B.Finan.
A Basic Course in the Theory of Interest and Derivatives Markets: A Preparation for the Actuarial Exam FM/2

SOA Financial Mathematics(FM) Lecture10 (4/4)
This lecture was held in 2018.



Tuition fee

12 units total (one unit is 2 hours) 40,000 yen (students 20,000 yen)

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Phone:  080-4339-4650