About Our Company

In recent years, as many Japanese insurance companies continue to expand into Asia, in has become increasingly necessary to have the human resources capable of setting a world class standard while playing an active role in globally linked infrastructure and markets. Operating under the belief that human development and quality advising are connected, we continue to expand our dual mission of both Education and Consulting. We aim to provide a comprehensive training of actuaries able to cope with – and take advantage of consulting for – international perspectives in a global era.
Our company represents Japan as a founding member of Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consultancy Services (APACS), established November of 2015.
Mr. Hideyuki Yoshida is a founder of the Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia (ACCA), and is also the current chairman. He also served as the first Japanese chairman of the International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA), a section of the International Actuarial Association (IAA), from 2008 to 2010.
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Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consultancy Services (APACS)

Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia (ACCA)

The International Association of Consulting Actuaries, IACA


Through many years working with insurance and auditing firms, and active work in international actuary organizations, we have a long track record of educating actuaries. Presently, we are focusing on the development of actuaries in Southeast Asia, while also providing internships and seminars for students interested in becoming skilled actuaries in Japan.


Through both national and international experience, and a wide network of contacts, we can be a valuable resource to fulfill consultancy requirements. Overseas, especially in Asia, we have partnered with insurance companies, accounting firms, tax attorneys, and consulting firms – as well as actuaries of various backgrounds. As such, we are able to expand our multidisciplinary professional services to meet diverse challenges. Through this collaboration, we can offer dependable and reliable service.