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Financial institution essentials in the age of A.I.: “Easy Investment Mathematics”
Humanities graduates welcome!!

About the Instructor


Taiichiro Aoyagi

Graduated from Waseda University’s First Commerce Department in 1973.
Joined Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1973.
Experience in pension asset management sales and consulting.
Moved on to pension fund and portfolio appraisal work.
Served as executive director, Midori Life Insurance Co., Ltd. asset management portfolio development, risk management, fund adoption review, real estate investment, etc.
Currently working for a real estate development company.
Japan Securities Analyst Association Certified Member CMA®

Lecture schedule

The financial world has also entered the AI era of artificial intelligence, and the mathematical knowledge used for AI has become essential. The beginner course “Easy Investment Mathematics” is for students interested in finance, and you will learn the essential mathematics necessary for financial knowledge and careers.

Investment-related qualification exams include actuary tests, securities analyst tests, FP 1 and FP 2 level tests, and financial internal auditor exams (risk assessment and management), etc.  The corresponding lecture is designed to help gain the knowledge essential to investment mathematics.

While covering high school mathematics again, I will cover past exam questions as much as possible. I hope you will take the opportunity to enroll in this course and prepare yourself for the various related examinations.

 (People who might want to take this course:)

· Those working in banking, insurance, or securities (including actuary and analyst test subjects).
· People engaged in the auditing of financial and investment institutions.
· People engaged in general asset management in finance or accounting.
· Students majoring in finance or economics.

 (Text used)
“Easy Investment Mathematics” text

 (Reference book)
Nikkei Bunko “Introduction to Securities Investment Theory” by Keiichi Omura and Masashi Shunno Published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun

【Lecture Schedule】
The schedule is as follows:
April 14th (San)   12:10~14:10, 14:20~16:20
May  12th (San)   12:10~14:10, 14:20~16:20
May  19th (San)   14:20~16:20
May  26th (San)   14:20~16:20

June 9th (San)     12:10~14:10, 14:20~16:20
June 16th (San)    12:10~14:10, 14:20~16:20

【Lecture Content】

1. Discount rate and present value
2. General formula of stock value
3. Sequence of discount models
4. Risks and returns of securities
5. Yield and logarithms
6. What is a portfolio?
7. Covariance and Correlation
8. Risk of portfolio
9. Determination of optimal portfolio
10. What is Monte Carlo simulation?
11. What is the capital market line?
12. CAPM and securities market line
13. Multifactor model
14. Bond Price and Yield
15. Period structure of interest rates
16. Bond Credit Risk
17. Bond rating
18. Futures and Forwards
19. Options
20. Swaps
21. Option · Premium
22. Black Scholes model



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