Course name

Pension Mathematics Beginner Course

About the Instructor

Totsuka Tatsuya

Member of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan – Pension Fund Mathematics

Graduate of Kyoto University – Deparment of Math and Science

Mitsui Trust and Banking, Mercer Japan, Sumitomo Bank, Department of Health, Labor and Welfare and others.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tozuka has worked in all fields of corporate pension (including pension mathematics related to institutional design, asset management, pension sales, institutional approval work, and fund audits) and he has also worked on personnel systems (including welfare) and due diligence in M & A.  He also served as an actuary test committee member.

Lecture schedule

Ten lectures in total (2 hours per lecture).  The schedule is as follows:
April 14 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20
April 21th (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20
May  12 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20
May  19 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20, 12: 10-14: 10
May  26th (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20, 12: 10-14: 10
June 02 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20
June 09 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20
June 16 (Sun)      09: 20-11: 20

Lecture Content

This course is a fundamental training course for first time learners.  As we are targeting people who are busy on a daily basis, we will make lecture contents aimed at “mastering what we learn on each given day.”  Specifically, exercises will be held each day to focus on basic essential matters in order to learn the contents as described on the spot.  There are simple problems.  You will be able to answer by referring to the textbook.  Please aim for full marks.

Also, although not related to the examination, we will talk about other pension-related information as far as time permits. (For example, in the Christian world when intellectual interest was forbidden, the church still used a pension system and paid interest).  Such topics will likely be useful subjects for when chatting with customers about company pensions.

The contents of each unit are scheduled as follows:
Part 1: Basic knowledge of pension mathematics
Part 2: Basic knowledge of pension mathematics (continued)
Part 3: Pension present value
Part 4: Pension present value (continued)
Part 5: Financial systems
Part 6: Financial methods (continued)
Part 7: Financial methods (continued)
Part 8: Validation of pension finances
Part 9: Japanese corporate pension system and pension mathematics
Part 10: Summary / Other

 We will use the following teaching materials, so please prepare accordingly.

· Institute of Actuaries of Japan “Pension Mathematics” (Actuary Designated Textbook)



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Phone:  080-4339-4650