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Life Insurance Mathematics Beginner Course

About the Instructor


Nobuyuki Nishibayashi

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Osaka University Graduate School of Science, Doctoral course (first term).
Master of Science in Mathematics.
Previously worked with Nippon Life, NLI Research Institute, Kampo Life, Delloite, AXA Direct Life, Ernst & Young.  Presently at GenRe.
Responded to questions concerning life insurance mathematics at the Actuary Examination Study Group.

Lecture Schedule

The lecture schedule is as follows:
4/14 (Sun) 14:2016:20, 16:3018:30
4/21 (Sun) 12:1014:10, 14:2016:20
5/12 (Sun) 14:2016:20, 16:3018:30
5/19 (Sun) 14:2016:20, 16:3018:30
6/02 (Sun) 12:1014:10, 14:2016:20

In the Life Insurance Mathematics Beginner Course, you will learn the basic knowledge necessary to pass the Life Insurance Mathematics primary exam.  In order to smoothly understanding of the contents the Life Insurance Mathematics Regular Course (beginning in July), I highly recommend you enroll in this beginner course.

The following lectures are scheduled with an estimate of 2 hours per unit.  (The contents of the lectures are subject to change.)

Unit 1: Outline of the actuary test, directions relating to the textbook, how to understand practice problems, commonly used formulas, topics not found in the textbook, outline of chapters covered in the textbook
Unit 2: Outline of life insurance system, types of insurance appearing in life insurance mathematics, symbols and calculations
Unit 3: Annuity certain and life annuity
Unit 4: P
resent value of benefit, single net premiums (important topics)
Unit 5: Present value of premium, annual net premiums
Unit 6: Loadings and gross premiums of life insurance
Unit 7: Policy reserve by net insurance premium (future methods, past methods, important topics)
Unit 8: Recurrence formula of policy reserve by net insurance premium for endowment insurance
Unit 9: Force of Interest and Force of Mortality (important topics)
Unit 10: Life expectancy and stationary state

Lecture will proceed using the following text:

Takashi Futami “Life Insurance Mathematics (1st and 2nd volume)” Institute of Actuaries of Japan


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Phone:  080-4339-4650