Course name

Investment Theory (economics, accounting, investment theory)

About the Instructor


Taiichiro Aoyagi

1973 Graduated from Waseda University, Commerce Department.

1973 – Joined Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Worked as a sales consultant in pension asset management.

Subsequently, he moved into pensions, gaining experience in portfolio and fund appraisals.
Executive managing director.  Midori Life Insurance, Co. Ltd.  Engaged in asset management portfolio formation, risk management, fund adoption review, and real estate investments, etc.  Retired in 2017.

Chartered Member of the Securities Analyst Association of Japan (CMA®)

Lecture schedule

As there are various types of investment theory, each with a unique scheme, we recommend beginning with the introductory course on securities investment theory in May.  (Details of the introductory course and an application form can be found HERE)

 Regarding the actual course contents, we will proceed by covering frequently appearing past questions using exam preparation materials.  Understanding will develop more quickly if you become familiar with technical investment terms, formulas, etc.

Planned Lecture Schedule


The following books will be used for reference.  We will distribute an original exam preparation guide to help limit the material to the most important topics.  Please be prepared for each lecture’s topic accordingly

Text:  A Guide to Investment Theory Exam Preparation – Theory and Practice
Reference Book: New Securities Investment Theory – Theory and Practice (Securities Analyst Association of Japan edition, Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

If you cannot attend class at any time, we are able to provide a video recording of the lecture or lectures missed for those who have paid full tuition at the time of application.  Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this service.




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